Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rolleinar 55mm f1.4 lens and Home Cooking..

It is really a chilled cold outside, temp is subzero from last 2-3 weeks (max).
Storms are worst, and last to last week was not any different, but it gave me an opportunity to use my new lens.

I got the Rollei Mount Rolleinar-MC 55mm f1.4 lens. Although Rollei lenses are considered top notch, but Rolleinar was a kit range. Rollei gave the manufacturing cantract to Japanese comapnies and instead of using Rollei brand, came up with Rolleinar. Along with Rolleinar, even Voigtländer started its cheap range Voigtländer AR range to compete in kit lenses.

Rolleinar-MC 55mm f1.4 was manufactured by Tomioka, also sold in M42 mount with different names like Sears and Ricoh. Good thing is, Tomioka used to be great lens designer as well as manufcaturer. Tomioka also mage the (now) legendary 55mm f1.2 lens in few mounts (but I have seen in M42 mount only).
Same lens is also available in Voigtländer AR range as Voigtländer Color-Ultron 55mm f1.4, in Rollei mount (Same as Rolleinar).

Back to cooking... What can be the best place to test lens than the home cooking environment. Seema made the Pulav on that... hmmm... yum...
You can browse the whole set here,

Few results,

Tadkka Tadkka



Ready to eat, best with curd/yogurt and salad...


More latter...


pehler said...

I got this lense recently. Are there any more images you made available to see? I'd really love to see some outside shots.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...


i have to correct you - the Rolleinar MC 55mm was made by Mamyia for Rollei but its true that tomioka was involved in this design.....Yashica was the owner of tomioka and many companies produced at the Yashica-tomioka facilities. The same Design was used by Yashica and Ricoh on their 55mm F1.4 lenses. The Design is a german Zeiss-Contarex Design which was "copied" by japanese to be exact its not an tomioka design. Later the design was sold to several other companies because Yashica transformed tomioka and other facilities to a joint-venture which involved Zeiss Japan (and later Contax). The later 55mm F1.4 and 50mm F1.4 were made by Cosina but with different glas, different coating and slight changed design.