Monday, March 20, 2006

Mozilla Fiefox 2.0 alpha-1: product from matured company(?)

Mozilla foundation provided the alpha version of Mozilla Firefox 2.0a1 (2.0 Alpha version, seems like pre alpha).

The link:;O=D

(Seems like it was 1.8 release)

Its really pre-production release. I am playing with this more than a day now. Before download, think twice:
  • No plug-ins from 1.5xx will work.
  • Its not going to resolve “infamous” memory leak issue with Firefox. So don’t open more than 4-5 tabs (With 7-8 tabs, I had to go for coffee just check where did I type my last characters)

But it is really fast compare to others (even 1.5x). It provides really smooth experience with web browsing. And you can manage your RSS feeds much better than earlier versions.
I am sticking to new one, although I am missing my 10+ plug-ins.

But I don’t have to go any Blogs and news sites. I am reading from toolbar folder (RSS feeds). (Again, why can’t we integrate our outlook into this)

Those who want to show themselves as geek (;) and dig into Firefox memory problem, check this link. Mozilla foundation has given a spin to this problem, showing its feature (seems like people are maturing within corporate environment),


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