Sunday, February 05, 2006

Back to Future: Bubble is back

This phrase has been so much that sometimes its just doesnt make sense to use. But sometimes you finds the things repeating and happening in a way, you cant stop.

Whats so great about this picture?

Some guy pasting all the little yellow "post me" all over the room. Either this guy is crazy or working in some Indie movie.
No, this guy works in Venture Capital firm.
His role: Go through the old articles (First dot com boom time) of the technology magazines like Red Herring, Wired...

Wired Magazine detailed about a Mayfield VC who's perfecting the art of refurbished ideas. Allen Morgan reached the heights of gold mining by hiring a 24-year-old to flip through old magazines for business ideas.
Morgan's researcher, Ankur Luthra (picture posted), reads through a stack of Red Herring, Industry Standard, and Wired issues and slaps post-it notes on stories of now-dead dot-coms.

The link to story is,

What should we call this.
Going back to past, or going back to Future.

Only time will tell whether these guys are right or fooling themselves. But with Google stock touching all heights, Microsoft is moving "live" project like a new goldmine, braodcasting is moving to IP network, and people are again talking about e-community; these guys may be on right path.

Another thing, I am liking Microsoft "Live", although nothing special compare ot My Yahoo or personalized Google... but the first thing coming from Microsoft after a long time, which is good.. more on this later...

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