Friday, November 25, 2005

Finally some hopes from Africa

After coming back from India, I am just busy with office work. Its carzy (going on).
Got this vacation (Thanksgiving vacation time), but still busy with some work.
Lot of things changed in Technical field, albeit with its own speed. Nothing drastic.

On political front, some watershed events happend. Although not much people might be looking towards Afrcis. A sort of revolution is going on there. (although I am not that revolutionary thinking guy, its all up and down for all ideology).
In Libera, a small "African country", a "woman" won the "free and fair election" and put the county on "democratic" path. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is first Africa's first elected female head of state.

A good article is written by Fareed Zakaria on tis issue..

This is very interesting topic. I will keep writing on this...

Have a great vacation time...

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