Friday, September 30, 2005

"V" + "over" + "IP" = "Vodka"

Today I came across an interesting fact,

".......VoIP is a mystery to the mainstream (a recent Harris poll found that only 13 percent of the public knew what it was; 10 percent thought it was the name of a vodka)....."

(From the article of Newsweek)

Working in technology field, my company, environment (office), friends and I drink, eat and live by the Voice over IP (or Voice over Internet or cheap/free international calls). But seems like Vodka is also as important in the life... or we shoukd go ahead and start brewing Vodka with "VoIP" brand.. or change VoIP name to SKKY...

But one thing is clear, normal people are mor einnovative than techies... (you moght have got my point..)



DougV said...

Perhaps a parallel situation is if you asked a set of people 10 years ago what MP3 was ... at least 10% would have said it was a model of car.

Doug V.

P.S. Hopefully when you read this you can call me at my office phone number.

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