Sunday, September 04, 2005

Privacy and Technology:

We are living in ever evolving society, from social, legal, technological and ethical perspective. With times privacy definition changes, or atleast deviates. Technology impacts every facet of life. Personal info databases (Credit card...) , Internet, networked computers and "out of date" legal framework is making privacy as we see it today, a thing of past.

The new startup in search engine field,, has literally stretched the limits. This is alarmingly accurate and horribly focused.

Go ahead, try it, to see if your "identity" is in there.

If you were thinking this was bad, the new feature is added, "Zabablog".

In his San Francisco Chronicle column on Friday, David Lazarus reported, "the company is planning to introduce a feature, ZabaBlog, that will allow people to write and post blogs about other individuals".

And I checked, its working and running. Although, you need to open an account.
Shall I open, no.. not at this point.

Think of scenario, when your neighbour will go go and put whatever you he/she will want. It's more like review of each person. Till now internet was full of review of shops and products, this site will make you a real commodity.

I am closely watching this new game....

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