Monday, August 01, 2005

Current TV: new phase of broadcasting

Today is the launch date for new TV network, Current TV. First about this network,

  • Brainchild of Al Gore (a real insider of Washington) and few of his Democratic buddies.
  • May be a liberal channel, but for insider, philosophy is not issue (name, fame and power are the pillars of life)
  • First broadcasting channel in last 10 years (last one was "O", Oxygen)

In my opinion this is first attempt to integrate the generation which is growing in Internet world. People are becoming used to getting little information from all spheres. Yes, its hippie-r and yes you can say it’s not serious, But what’s the issue with this. With decades, generation changes. There was first generation which watched Disney, first one to hook to CNN... things come, change the face of industry and eventually this change is for good.

Whether this channel will be another startup or will become some ground breaking, time will tell. If its digital only, I am not sure how many 18-25 generation has digital network in the hostels/Dorms?

Another key point is, consumers will be able to send their own videos. I am the guy who is pushing from long that the Internet should be used to tap "Global intellectual knowledge". Anyone who is able to tap this, will be big player.

The good details of this channel are provided here,

More to come.....

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